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Some things are better left unsaid .... or not!
This election is making me so damn nervous! It will determine if American is going to go down the fucking tubes or if things will finally change for the better.

And if I hear one more time that Obama is like Fidel I'm going to stab someone in the eye! That's the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard in my life. Don't people do something called RESEARCH?!

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I just wanted to say whoever votes for Mcain is an idiot especially after the BS that came out of that bitch's mouth last night.

Have a good night ;o)

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Dear stalker,

You're not going to get my photobucket password. Requesting my password six times is going a little overboard don't you think? Get a life please. K thanx bye!

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My baby boy turned 6 today. I can't believe how fast time flies by! ;o(

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Does anyone have cingular? If so, are you having problems texting people who have metro pcs. I'm going nuts because the majority of my best friends have metro pcs. Cingular blamed Motorola phones which is BS cuz we tried it from Jose's sony phone and Metro is blaming Cingular. I just want to friggen know if its only me so I can figure out who to blame! Thanks!

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New year. Hopefully 2006 will be a good one for me and my loves (friends & fam).

My new yrs eve was simple but I had a wonderful time. Had lots of Champagne. LOTS! Woke up with a hangover but I didn't even care, lol. The only thing that sucked was Jose had to work. Poor guy. Thank god my friends love me enough to hang out at my house instead of a club with a bunch of losers ;o)

Anyway, I gotta get ready to see my mom. Toodles!

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Hello all. I have tons of laundry thought it would be a good time to update after 39289248924 years ;o)

Things have been good. I just got my power back last night. It wasn't too bad because the weather wasn't so damn hot, we got our little tv and dvd player, and as soon as my mom got her power on I took all my frozen food to her freezer so I don't feel like I wasted hundreds of dollars like last time, lol. I didn't need to go crazy for ice or water because she had all that. Yay!

The only thing that really annoyed me was the dumbasses that didn't fill their tanks before the hurricane so a few days after the hurricane my tank started to get empty and I couldn't get gas for shit! I had to drive my mom's huge ass car (she has a bonneville) for two days. Oh, and I was pretty annoyed watching everyone in Miami Beach have electric except for my little block. These two poles were about to fall on some building and the manager of Jr's school lives their with her little baby. What if that shit fucking fell? Have I ever mentioned how much I hate FPL?? LOL.

My hurricane experience was fucking scary though. Jose had to work that night so I was pretty much freaking the fuck out. I was so worried about him being right on the beach. I was also really worried about my friends. Samra was at her boyfriends and the glass in his bedroom shattered all over them. Fucking scary shit! Thank god for my shutters. Michelle said her building was shaking and her windows looked like they were going to blow out. She still has no power or water. That sucks ass.

Anyway, my munchkin is doing really good. He is going to be Dash from the incredibles for Halloween. He's pretty excited about that ;oD I'm not too sure what were gonna do yet cuz that bitch Wilma kinda fucked things up but I'm sure even if we don't find anything he will be happy regardless lol.

I have so many pics I want to put up but I'm lazy. Hmm, maybe I'll do that in a few on a friends only entry.

I gotta start cooking dinner now so toodles!

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I fucking hate FPL and their stupid answering service and anything that has to do with them. Bastards >;o\

If my power is not on by tomorrow I will fucking freak out! My migraine will not leave if I'm sleeping in the fucking heat. My food is ruined. I havent been able to clean my apt so its just icky right now. I can't tolerate the cold showers so I have to go on 3-4 missions a day to take a shower at my mothers. I'm spending 8374823748734 dollars on eating out more than usual.

Oh, and to make things worse. My tire blew this morning and it was just a horrible experience. Ugh.

K, done complaining. I hope everyone is doing ok.

I'll be updating soon with lotsa pics. Toodles!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Corikinz<3333333333 143!!!!

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