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Some things are better left unsaid .... or not!

10 November 1980
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Name: Heike (Yes, it's my real name) and it's not pronounced "Hike" you illiterate fools. There's an ei there for a reason.
Nicknames: Lil Munchy, Munchkin, Heiny, Polly pocket, Heikekinz, Kekekinz, Micro mini munchkin, Thumbelina, Gringa, Hoeke, White girl, White bread, Cracker, Heikenoogit. I think you all get the point.
Age: Twenty-seven.
Occ: Mommy and being the fiesty lil bitchy I am ;o)

Shit you might wanna know:
- I've been with Jose since Feb 22 1998, and it's still going strong<3
- I have 3 best friends, a few close friends, and many aquaintances.
- I don't trust people easily. I only trust my man, my best friends, and some family.
- If you do my family or friends dirty (talked shit about them etc.), I don't care if we got along before I will no longer talk to you.
- I LOVE cats. I have 3 cats, and I treat them as if they were my kids. If you hate cats that's fine. Just don't tell me stories about you putting them in microwaves!
- I can be a nice person, but if you get on my shit list then you're just really fucked.
- I'm very blunt. If you can't handle it then move right along.
- Don't lie to me. I ALWAYS find out and then I cut you out of my life. Just ask all my ex best friends.
- If you talk shit about me, my family, or my friends for NO REASON... in my eyes it only makes me think you're jealous.
- I don't care what people think about me. That's one of the very few things I have in common with my mom. We just don't give a rat's ass.
- If you have to tell me or people that you're better than me in any way. I feel sorry for you. It's the biggest sign of insecurity.
-If I stopped talking to you because you've done something that I dont like it STAYS that way (unless you're one of my best friends I've had for over 7 yrs and it's not something shady as fuck). I don't NEED friends. My best friends are enough. And you know damn well that most of you forgive people easily because you're lonely idiots who have nothing better to do.

I love Jose and JR. My loves, my life, my everything<3

"There’s a road - long and winding
The lights are blindin’ - but it gets there
Don’t give up - don’t look back
There’s a silver linin’ - it’s out there somewhere
Everybody wants an answer - everybody needs a friend
We all need a shinin’ star on which we can depend
N’ so tonight we’re gonna wish upon a star
We never wished upon before ...."

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My beautiful Angel<3

My loves<3

Best friends for over 13 years<3

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