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Some things are better left unsaid .... or not!
Hey all. I have major laundry duties so that means update time!

Friday- Jose, Jr, Samra, and I went to The Zoo. It was ok. I wasn't in a good mood for the 1st 40 mins there. I was STARVING! But after I ate everything was fine except for the fact that some shit was closed because of construction. I have lotsa pics but I think i'll do those on a friends only entry. After the zoo we went to Ruby Tuesdays since it was like right across the street. LOL @ kendall hizzoes. Seriously, those bitches have issues. Samra and I walked by 3 girls who gave us such a nasty look. We just giggled *pops imaginary collar*. Only jealous bitches do that. Psshhh like I'm gonna stoop to their level. And then they winked at my man! LMAO! Only in Kendall.

Saturday- I took Jr to the pool and then went to get sushi @ Hiro's with Michelle. She wanted to go shoe shopping @ the mall so we went back to her house so her man could go with us. I bought shoes ;o\ She's such a bad influence! LOL<33

Sunday- I took Jr to see my mom and that's pretty much it.

Monday (today)- It was one of the most important days. My Jeca pooh's bday! Hopefully I'll get to see her soon! Around 5ish Jose and I decided to get some food before we go watch the fireworks so we went to Ruby Tuesdays. Then we went to 73rd street to watch the fireworks. I was freaking the fuck out! Some people's fireworks were shooting towards me ;o\ It was fun though. We saw so many old friends from 71 that we havent seen in 4-5 yrs so that was cool.

Everyone keep ur fingers crossed for my best friend Samra. She's 1st on the list to go to Argentina for a Herbal Essence commercial. Yay! She'll be making $10,000 AND gets to travel. That's awesome!

She also did a scene @ Mansion for Miami Vice. It has Colin Farrell (she LOVES him) and Jaime foxx in it. Unfortunately, one of them asked for her # and it wasn't Colin, lol.

My munchkin's dentist app didn't go well. He refused to open his mouth for them. Hey, it's better than what I did as a kid. I actually bit the dental assitants finger and wouldnt let go. Jr's insurance company told me it was a kid friendly dentist when it was not. Fuckers >;o\

I'm hungry. I'm gonna make chocolate fondue and dip Marshmallows in it. Yum! If my laundry isn't done I'll post the pics in a bit.

Hope you all had a great July 4th. Toodles!

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I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to most wondeful person that I am lucky to know and be friends with. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JECA POOH!! I love you very much and I hope you have a wonderful bday. Muahz!!!!<333 ;o)

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Hey hey hey!

I'm stuck at home and bored so I might as well update.

Things have been ok. I was pretty down for over a week. Maybe it was 2 weeks? My stomach was in knots so I wasn't eating because it felt like it would all come back up. Yuck! It was horrible. I haven't been like that since I was 16. I'm feeling better now thank god.

Jr is doing great. He has an dentist app tomorrow so that won't be pretty. He never gives docs a problem UNTIL they ask him to open his mouth. Jose will probably be the one going in cuz there is no way in hell I can hold him anymore.

Jose is doing good too. The boxing is on hold because of a shoulder injury that just doesn't want to heal. Poor guy ;o\

I've been spending more time with my Michelley. I've neglected that friendship and that was stupid. I've missed her a lot and I wont be doing anything to fuck it up ever again.

I can't wait til Tom Cruise's new movie comes out. I love Alien movies like that. Sorry Corikinz ;o(

Today I went to the tanning salon for the 1st time in such a long ass time. Samra MADE me go. Well, I'm a lil nutty now so being in there got me all scared. You shoulda seen me when I saw the machine for the 1st time(the one u stand in). I was like WTF that shit is small I'm gonna die from being smothered to death! When we left I didnt see any results but a few hrs later it shows my ass is almost BURNED! Ouchies!

OMGGGGGG and let me explain why I've decided not to go out to my pool alone anymore. My pool is right next to another apt building. Their front door faces my pool and this one fucking scary guy always comes out to watch us. Samra had to leave to meet up with this new guy she is talking to so I decided to finish my cig and leave. I get up and I see that man jacking off! I have never been so disgusted in my fucking life. That is worse than a roach flying on me *vomits* ;o(

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike Samra's ex? Today he pissed me the fuck off. Yesterday some lady called me twice and hung up on me so I called back asking who the fuck it was and she's like who are you? LOL WTF?!! I'm like YOU called ME! She avoided my questions and started asking me weird questions so I clicked on her ass. Today Jorge calls asking Samra why I called his step mom talking shit. Ehhhhhhhhh?? I dont even know his family or any of their numbers. He's trying to cause drama between me and Samra because he's all paranoid thinking were having hot lesbian sex. What a weirdo!

I'm hungry. I have Southwestern eggrolls (my new addiction) sitting in my fridge calling me but I don't think it's such a great idea to eat that before I go to sleep ;o\

Hmm, I'm gonna get a nectarine and eventually pass out. Night all<33 Toodles!

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My boopie is sicky. Poor guy had domninos pizza and now feels like his stomach is gonna blow up ;o(

Things have been super busy. I've been trying to catch up on journals but these damn communites that I need to delete have been filling up my friends page. Especially the Kurt Hasley one. Don't those fuckers ever rest?!

Last Sunday I hung out with Michelle after 5984395894358 yrs. We went to the melting pot and hung out at her house. The melting pot charged me 3 fucking times on my card. I was so pissed because what if they overdrew my account?! Aholes! But anyway thats all taken care of.

Thurs and Friday Samra and I decided to get our tan on at the pool. My shoulders burned. Ouchies! Oh, and on Thurs my oh so wondeful best friend decided to surprise me. I went upstairs to get my sunglasses. When I got back down my ex (The one that called me last week. Not Danny the annoying one) was standing there. I had not seen him in 6 yrs so it was weird. He kept throwing compliments at me left and right which made it more awkward for me. He told me I look so good now. And I'm like "so wtf was I 7-8 yrs ago" and he's like "noooo u were just really skinny". LOL. He was on break so he only stayed for about 30 mins. He looked great and healthy so I am happy for him. Only thing is he's been calling every day so that has to stop. His mom wants me to visit her ahhhhh!

Oh, I saw Jeca for a lil while on Thurs I think. She stopped by the bagel bar while Samra and I had lunch. I love me some Jeca pooh!

On Friday Samra, Jose, Jr, and I went to the Parrot Jungle. Later on I'll post a pic that they took there and more when I get my pics developed. It started raining sooo hard around 2 so that sucked. Samra somehow managed to convince them to give us a refund when there's a big sign that says NO REFUNDS regardless. LOL, that girl can get her way ANYWHERE!

Saturday played with my munckin all day. Around 5ish Samra came over and we went to get pizza and then off to the laundromat. We both had way too much laundry. It was impossible to do it all with one machine in one day. She had 3 big bags and I had fucking 6 big bags! I spent $20 on that shit but I'm just relieved it's all done. Later on around 10, my ex unexpectedly stopped by. He called from downstairs and I almost shit in my pants cuz Jose and him aren't exactly buddy buddy. So I went down there and told him he needed to stop doing that shit.

The Sunday that just passed, I took Jr to see my mom. I was kinda of upset over shit so I wasn't able to eat at all ;o\ Nothing else happend after that.

Today - I needed someone to talk to and the best person for that was my Jeca pooh. We had breakfast/lunch and I vented. Thank u so much Jeca<333 I love you! After talking to her I felt much better. As time goes by I'll chill out. My brain just doesn't get over shit very easily. I hate it!

Oh, Samra brought Jr a present. She came in and told me I was gonna kill her and then she showed me a tank with a chinese fighting fish in it ;o\ HELLO!? I have cats! I'm trying really hard to keep them from attacking it but I do need to sleep, ya know? So Samra might have to take it home. I have no idea wtf I'm gonna tell Jr. He was soooo happy about it ;o( I'm gonna give it another week and we'll see.

I gotta clean now. Toodles!

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I was rinsing the raspberries and there was a motherfucking little worm crawling out of one.






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I'm waiting for Samra to get here so I might as well update a bit.

I am hating this weather right now. We were going to go to the Parrot Jungle today but noooooo a hoe named Arlene fucked it all up. These storms make me so paranoid so I'll be going to home depot today to get prepared for a big one.

Sometimes I think I jinx myself. The other day I was talking to Cori about my previous ex and out of nowhere he called me the next day after 3 yrs. He asked if he could stop by to say whats up and meet my son. I told him it wasn't a good idea after the shit he pulled yrs ago. He actually told Jose he was going to get me back which caused bad beef and almost a huge physical fight in front of my mom's apt. Then Samra called him to say what's up so he asked if he could take us out to dinner this weekend *sigh*. She said he sounded like a man, lmao. He wasn't saying nigga or dawg every 5 seconds. He said he cut his hair and took the golds out. Good for him!

Auntie Flow is on her way and it sucks ;o(

I went with Samra to Benihana's last night. I had not been there since her 13th bday and she's been begging me for years to go. It was straight but next time I'm getting sushi. I think all the salt made me bloated. Fukka Auntie flow!!!!!!!! ;o(

They are renovationg my whole damn condo so it's really noisy and soon I'll have these old farts peeking in my window while they paint. Eww!

The termites stopped thanks to all the friggen tape. I confronted one of the nice people on the condo association. He just moved here about a yr ago and told me he had to get a new door because they were living inside it. So I'm just going to get a new door til he can convince them to tent the place.

I'm gonna do the dishes before my biotch gets here.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Toodles!

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1) What stickers do you have on your car, if any?
I don't have any. Oh wait, I do have this sticky picture of Jr but it's inside.

2) How/where did your last bf/gf say I love you?
Before we went to bed last night.

3) What do you hear right now?
Weather channel.

4) If you could drink anything right this second, what would it be?
Just water or Iced-tea. Auntie Flow doesn't tolerate anything else right now.

5) Does anything hurt on your body right? Everything! Fukka Auntie flow!

6) If __________ died, you would laugh and spit on their grave.
I would never do that. Not even to my worst enemy. On a 2nd thought I'd do it if that person harmed anyone I love. I would even shit on their grave ;o)

7) What's your job position called?
Mommy ;o)

8) What size ring do you wear?
You would think I'd know since I have so many rings but I don't. I have skinny ass fingers ;o\

9) Do you own a picture phone?
Yeah. And it's pointless because Cingular sucks motherfucking ass.

10) What's your bf/gf's birthday?
You mean WHEN?

11) What's your Mom's favorite band/musician?
The Bee Gees is one of em. I know she likes John Denver too lol.

12) What's your Dad's favorite band/musician?

13) What was your elementary school's mascot?
I think it was a bear.

14) What's your favorite bottled water?

15) What's the next concert/show you're going to and when?
I don't go to concerts.

16) What were you doing at 9 pm last night?
Watching Jr attack Samra's boobs.

17) What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
Ugh, the thought of coffee right now makes me want to vomit.

18) Do you exercise as much as you should?
Nope. I've been slacking.

19) Did you attend your High School prom?
Nope. Just everyone's prom after parties, lol.

20) Would you give your bf/gf a second chance if they cheated on you?
Hell the fuck no! Just ask my ex.

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FUKKA TERMITES!! Over 100 flew into my apt and I'm sure when I leave to take Jose to work the tape on my newly painted door will rip off and let them all in again. You know what that means?? I have to kill them myself *shudders* >;o(

I hate the majority of the people that live here. I want to fucking tent the building! Tomorrow I am going to confront them and if they act like idiots I will just call code enforcement and report it. I could give a rats ass anymore. Money means nothing to me just as long as they are gone! We have a manager now (i just found this out only yesterday. I never know anything that goes on because I no speaky spanish and Jose avoids every asshole here as much as he can) so I'm gonna try him.


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Wow, I need sleep. BAD! Fukka laundry!

My weekend was ok. I barely got any sleep though. I have not slept since Friday night. Insomnia sucks ass ;o\

Friday I hung out with Samra but I'm going blank on everything else, lol.

Jr's new bedroom set will be here on July 14th!!!!!!!! So excited about that. I need to find teen titan posters. My mom came along so Jr was majorly spoiled by both of us. He got lots of stuff from toys r us and the disney store.

I can't type anymore. Zzzzzzz.

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Happy Birthday Grnykinz!!!!!!!!!!!

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